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BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033


Our Business Model:


BioProject would like to fill the eventual gap of expertise   in Process-Technology / Equipment Design and Project-Handling for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and vaccines,  in large project organisations involving Users, Engineering Houses and Suppliers,

                    by offering  neutral advise, coordination and support to all parties


A powerfull Project Team


Early  project involvment helps to fully profit from our  wast experience in Fermentation and Downstream Processing.


The BioProject process engineers would like to complement Your own Know-How in specific areas of interest and be part of Your project team.













     Where can we help You ?             


          Project Support


          Process Consulting


          Manufacturing Consulting


          Marketing Support                 BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033
















BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033


Project Support:



Temporary Support for  Biotech-Project  by experts in fermentation, filtration and purification, if speed to the market and fast track  are of importance to You.

We assist  your team or  work in larger projects together with Engineering companies.

We can help You to overview/control Your projects in a role as  customer's  advocate


  •     Project initiation

  •    Feasability / Concepts

  •    Process Flow

  •    Process Simulations

  •     Front End Engineering Support

  •     Conceptual Design / Feasability

  •     Process Flow Sheets /PID support

  •     Investment Evaluation

  •     Specifications  for Tender Documents

  •     Project Time Planning

  •     Layout / Workflow concepts

  •     Vendor evaluations/negotiations

  •     Project Execution Support

  •     Subcontractor control/management

  •     Factory Acceptance Testing

  •     Startup support / Troubleshooting

  •     Equipment Qualification 











BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033


Process Consulting:



Independant  consulting for Your projects on pilot and production scale to be faster to the market.

  •     Process Design/Scale up :

  •   Standardisation of process design

  •   Optimal Scale-up concepts

  •   Evaluation of right technology for the
      scale considered.

  •   Sizing of equipment needed for clinical and
      production quantities.

  •   Flow analysis and mass balances

  •   Throughput and Yield optimisation  by Process

  •   Process optimisations, eliminating bottlenecks.

  •   Cost savings concepts.

  •   Risk analysis and minimisation.







BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033


Manufacturing  Consulting:


  •    Manufacturing Strategy:

  •    Evaluation of capacity needs and appropriate
       equipment scale

  •   Technology / Technology Transfer:

  •    Project and Technology assessements /
       review by specialists in Fermentation and
       Downstream Processing.

  •    Assistance in Technology Transfer /

  •   Economics:

  •    Production /investment cost analysis /cost reduction
       programs for projects/processes.

  •    Support for Due Dilligence for new products
       and projects.




















BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033


Marketing  Support:  
  • Market Needs:

  •    Analysis of customer needs and business potential, using
       worldwide contacts to Biotech key customer.

  •    Analysis of competitive products.

  •    Strategy development, support for business plan 

  •    Management consulting      

















BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033




  •     Seminars and Lectures in Downstream Processing

  •     Training concepts  for operators and supervisors




















BioProject GmbH  8636 Wald/Switzerland   Tel +41 55 266 1033


Who is Who ?    

  •  Daniel A. Karrer, Founder BioProject:

                   Master Degree in Microbiology  PhD in Bio-

                   Reactor Design and Charakterisation at ETH


  •  10 Years at Chemap/AlfaLaval  Switzerland

                   Responsibilities in Engineering R/D (Application

                   Development ) and Project Management

                   Last three years as Manager for Chemap Inc, res-

                   ponsible for building local manufacturing and

                   engineering capacity in the US.           

  •  15 Years at Millipore , Switzerland

                   Responsability as Country /Area manager and

                   European responsability for capital projects in

                   separation, sterile filtration, ultrafiltration and


                   Setting up of  European Application Laboratory

                   Involvement in major European projects for Mab's,

                   Recombinant  Proteins, Vaccines, Blood Products.


  •  2004 : Bioproject, Switzerland   founded

  • 2004: Involvment in Monoclonal Antibody
               Project in Wyeth/Ireland

  • 2005/2006: Responsible for Technology of
               DSP equipment for new Monoclonal
               Antibody Facility in Roche/Switzerland

  •  Experience

Process Know-How in Fermentation and DSP

(Microfiltration, Sterile Filtration, Ultrafiltration, Chromatography, Virusfiltration)

Prozess Design, Development and Optimisation

Conceptual Design of Equipment and Plants

Equipment  engineering and construction

Projectmanagement  of capital projects

Sterile Technology,GMP environment

Sterilfiltration / Filtration / Integrity Testing 

Acceptance and Qualifikation of  equipment


  • Market knowledge

                   Indepth knowledge of American/ European /Asian

                   Biotech markets and companies through executed
                   projects and extensive
 travelling in these areas.

  •  Languages :

                    fluent in German, English and French       






















How to contact us ?


































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